Mud is the result of chemical, physical and biological fenomena which are based on the union of a solid component (clay) and of a liquid one (termal-mineral water).

Mineral waters contribute to the mud maturation process also by sharing microorganisms and algae (organic component).

Mud therapy takes place in specific rooms, in which the patient can be treated, preferably in the morning and on an stomach empty or when the digestion is over. Mud is applied by experts, under the doctors’ guidelines. It is evenly spread on the skin surface that must be treated, around 3-10 cm thick and at the temperature of 45-50°C. After that, the patient will be covered in a sheet, oilcloth and a blanket so as to reduce heat dispersion. 

Each mud application lasts 15-20 minutes.

After the session, the patients will have a mineral bath or a shower, at the temperature of 37-40°C. Then patients will move to a room (single or shared) where, conveniently covered, will lay for around 30 minutes. This part of the therapy is called “reaction”.

During this fase all the biological reactions are still on because they are generated by mud. There will be the rebalance of the body functions after a period of stress and other mud therapeutical effects. The most obvious effect is the intense perspiration that starts during the mud application and continues till the reaction fase.

A series of mud therapy generally includes 12-15 daily applications, up to three weeks.



Thermal bath therapy consists in the partial or complete immersion (with the exception of the head) of the body in hot thermal water at the temperature of 36-38°C, for the duration of around 15-20 minutes. A complete series of this kind of treatment includes 10-15 baths, once a day and on an empty stomach. In many cases bath therapy happens in a sequential order after the mud therapy, so as to complement and strengthen therapeutic results.

At the end of the bath, patients will have the thermal reaction on a doctor’s table, wrapped in blankets, for 20 minutes: the reaction will be similar to the one of the mud therapy.

Thermal water can be enriched with oxygen and carbon dioxine, according to doctor’s prescriptions.

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