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The island of Ischia has a very long history of volcanic eruptions and tectonic plates motion, so that it is possible to claim volcanic materials dating back to 150.000 years ago. There have been two different courses of volcanic activity: the first one took place between 150.000 and 75.000 years ago; the second one happened during the great eruption which created the green tuff of Epomeo Mountain.   <br>

Ischia Thermal springs are well known and used since ancient times. Greeks would use thermal springs to restore body and mind, as well as a solution to the healing of war injuries. They used to confer supernatunal powers to the waters and steams springing from the earth; in fact, in every thermal area, new temples were set up and dedicated to divinities, such as Apollo and Delphi.<br>

Strabone, Greek historian and geographer, mentions the Island of Ischia and its thermal springs virtues in its geographical masterpiece.<br>

The Romans glorified thermal springs as a means of treatment and relaxation by setting up public “Thermal baths”. The numerous natural springs in Ischia were used properly and profitably, as shown by the votive boards found in the area of Nitrodi Spring in Barano d’Ischia, in which there was a little temple dedicated to Apollo and to the Nitrodi Nymphs, keepers of the waters.<br>

Renaissance is the age in which thermal springs become topical again; in fact, a decisive input to modern thermal medicine is offered by Giulio Iasolino, a Calabrian doctor and Professor at the University of Naples. Around the end of the 1500s, thanks to his fascination with the climate and secondary volcanic phenomena (gases and hot spring waters), Iasolino understood the therapeutic potentiality of spring waters, so that he carried out a detailed census of the natural springs in Ischia, identifying the water composition and studying its effects on different pathologies.<br>

Ischia has one of the most ancient hydrothermal heritages in the world, with 69 gas springs, 29 hot water spring groups, from which other 103 natural springs originate, scattered around the 42 km squares territory.<br>

Ischia mineral springs (2,5 to 30 gramms/litre of salt) are various and generally characterised by temperatures between 18 and 90°C; electric conductivity between 841 and 56000 S7cm; huge quantity of alkali and silica (up to about 600 mg/l), the latter is typical of underground water circuits which can be found in potassium volcanic rocks.<br>

The springs of Terme di Ischia are qualified as “CHLORINE-SODIUM-BICARBONATE-SULPHURIC-ALKALI (>40°C) HYPERTHERMAL WATERS”, rich of sodium, chlorine, sulphuric ion (SO4- -) and bicarbonate anion (HCO3-).<br>

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